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MTS8 solar

Supply voltage ~230V
Maximum load 100VA
Temperature monitoring range 0 - 99°C
Temperature of the TW container 30 - 80°C
Pump start delta 0 - 30°C
Pump stop delta 0 - 20°C
Pump power control 20 -100 %
Pump start forcing ability
Collector sensor cable length up to customer requirement
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Microprocessor controller MTS8 solar

Microprocessor controller MTS8 solar is a unit to control the heat container feeding pump in solar installation. Controller warms up the container on the basis of a collector and container temperature difference and additionally protects collector and container against overheating. The unit protects collector starting pump if collector temperature reaches 99°C and protects container directing the heat excess back to the cold collector e.g. at night. A silicon cable at the end of collector sensor is high temperature and external environment resistant.

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